Tuesday, 4 March 2014

After A Long Time..!!

Finally Back To Pavillion, After A long time I have got the chance, or I get the courage to log in here and pen down something...well the reason is girl like always before..but this time a girl who entered my life is not my friend or girl friend or sister, She is a baby girl, my brother's daughter Rhythm. (Name Choice Is Mine..:p)

From Last One Year, I was Unable to pendown anything here but todayIi am here to give a new start..

 After Her(my past) Escape I was Unable to hold on myself stil i am searching myself where i actually lost...

Well she goes..time goes..life goes on..

I Would heartdly Thanks to my bhabhi and bhai for new Member in my life and family..

Rhythm..A Cheers For Her New Life..!!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Rains are Falling,
Black Birds are Still Flying,
Some Eyes are Shining,
And I am Still Crying.

Oh Yes I am Waiting For you,
Unable to Start With Something New,
Coz I am Not Good At Waving A bye,
And My Inside Won't Stop To Cry.

I am Dancing Alone,
All I Have got is my Clone,
Visible in The Mirror,
And that Too with Blurr.

Yes Today, 
I want you Back, 
To Fill Up My Heart's Crack,
So I can Bring My Life On TracK,
Even You Only Know You Can Do That.

No one Likes Being Ignored,
Standing Right On The Opposite Side Of The Road,
Just A Smile Without A Single Word,
Then Everything Becomes Weird.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Complications in a relation can emerge widout any reason, 

there's always never a happy ending...when someone leave u 

in the middle of nowhere.. it is a very painful & heartbreak 

experience & the memories of tht special 

sme1 makes u alone. They have promised to stay wid u at every 

stage of ur life & nw they left and are responsible for ur present 

cndition...u jst can't do nything rather than stay in their 

memories tht you spend with them

Atleast talk about your problems...try to solve them out. if  

there is no response from ur partner. pack ur bags & move 

onn..its the only thing u cn do, If they are nt responding to 

ur actions, either it is their Ego or they hv never never wanted u to be in their arms.

Take a chance, leave the desicion on them if they want to 

cme back welcome them wid the same joy...but after some 

time u will realise tht the TRUST part in ur relation has 

been screwed. even after lots & lots of try you are nt able 

to trust them blindly..AgAiN 
as we know tht they can do this thing again & again...

 To live a peaceful and lovely life wid 

each other for ever...they have to understand each other mutually..

and it is possible if they are willing to do.this.


when  only 1 person who is suffering it reveals in a 

relationship...trust me it hurts a lot

Courtesy : Bhupesh Chauhan

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I don't know where i am today...i have lost in myself somewhere...trying to find myself in the crowd, Sometimes i feel i am nowhere in this world and no body cares...fr me.... i don't know why i am feeling all this. I am loosing myself for the girl who is never mine, She was just fake always pretends that she is mine.but she never loves me truly, may be she cares but if she really then she will not leave me like this heart broken. Everything was going fine i don't know what happen she left me without any specific reason. Till now i have lost many things. I expected from her a lot. Obviously when you love someone more than yourself you are expecting to be loved by them and same here i am expecting from her, But she left. I have told her earlier that u are the last person on whom i can trust coz i was already shattered..and she come in my life like a sweet person who cares me loves me thats y i trusted her but she also left. She is also like everyone. But I hv lost her.and seriously this time am totally broken can't think of my life ahead without her. But she avoids me like we are strangers..yes we are familiar strangers. I don't know what to do, I have started drinking nd smoking just coz of her and even sometimes i need to take drug to heal the pain that she has given me. I am going to be mentally sick soon. I have left nothing now in my life but i am living just coz of my parents, they love me and they care me and i don't want to hurt them just coz of them i am living life like a dead who is just living to fulfill his parents dreams and happiness...

I want to be normal but really it is very hard for me now, seriously i can't bear the pain now, want to get out of this hell...but i failed everytime i tried, yes i tried to move on but her memories everything related to her bounds me. I have tried to forget all my past but after sometime i am at same place as before.

I know you kabhi mere blogs nahi padti but still want to say Girl, Seriously I love you more than myself....

Friday, 3 May 2013

Moving On...!!

Moving On, two little words which lay a great impact on every one’s life. It’s so easy to say, “Move On”. But is it really that easy? Memories of the days spent together where we laughed as one, now make us cry. Promises made to each other lay unfulfilled at the cost of our lives. The evenings spent together in that coffee shop, the nights spent talking over the phone and the mornings when we woke up to each other texts or calls… everything seems to be a past now.

Who knew one day I would wake up only to find that you are no more in my life? Now each and every morning I would have to wake up without your text or call and every night I have to cry myself to sleep while loneliness would wrap my heart. We promised each other that we will be there by each other’s side forever, but now I know, our forever was not long enough. We are parting ways, may be because we have realized that we are not meant to be together.

We would meet a lot of people in our lives, some would touch our soul and steal our heart but then, sometimes, we need to know that not everyone is going to stay in our lives till the end. One day, they would leave by giving you beautiful memories where you laughed together, cried together, cuddled together and promised to be together. But life is a roller coaster ride. It won’t remain the same ever. It would change, Times would change, People would change and Priorities would change.

One day, you would realize that everything had just changed. You would realize that you can no longer be together, then either you choose to let go or make a choice to stay and work out your relationship. Neither of them is easy. The hardest is to let go and then move on. It’s difficult to forget a person who had been so close to your heart once and now you have to be like known strangers. The thought of never seeing each other again just rips your heart apart which shatters into million pieces with that immense pain of losing someone you love and with whom you were meant to be forever.

But then, life is all about change and new beginnings. Some people come into your life to make you smile, make you laugh and fill your life with colors and then one day, they leave your heart void. That’s how it is meant to be. It’s upon you either you remember them with a smile or with a stream of tears.

Be thankful that you lived that chapter of your life and get prepared for another chapter in your life because at the end of the day, your life is a book with numerous chapters within it. Some of the chapters may make you smile and some may make you cry but whatever they do, they happened for a reason, they happened so that your book of life is complete with all emotions of human heart.

Moving on never meant to 'forget' the past. It always meant accepting that there is no point in looking back. It always meant to get prepared for another chapter in your life. It always meant to smile when you remember that someone in your life. It always meant to forgive the reason that forced you to move on… it just meant, live again as you lived before that chapter in your book came into existence. It just meant that destiny have some better plans for you for which you have to wait some more.

Until then, make sure that reminiscences of the past make you smile instead of making you cry. Time heals every scar, and one day, you would live another chapter which would continue till the end of your book. Until you find that last chapter of your life, keep moving on… that’s life.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Somethings are never forgettable, But Sometimes You have to forget to do a new start..
Thats what am i doing now I am trying to forget my past..am trying to remove all those memories which becomes the reason for my failure...I have to be strong enough that no past would have impact on me..Sometimes i felt like a looser..
If i have bad memories then there's also beautiful memories too which are the best part of my life...my experiences...my interaction with new friends...learning from my mistakes....in all am trying to have fun with this my beautiful life..
I am happy with the god given life...when ever i need something he gives...me everything according to situation he knows what is right at which time...or u can say destiny...
Life is too short....enjoy each and every moment...Don't try to play it like game..otherwise life will play a game with your life...
Don't ever hurt anyone or play with anyone's life..